Nov 16, 2019

Chubb Hotel & Conference Center

800 Ridge Pike

Lafayette Hill, PA 19444 

Women in Real Estate Summit 2019

The 3rd Annual Women in Real Estate Summit brought to you by Better Than Success, is the country’s leading one-day intensive real estate investing summit featuring a line-up of all star women real estate investors. The event is dedicated to giving investors and investor hopefuls, both men and women alike, the skills to achieve their real estate investing goals and build wealth through real estate.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to build a lucrative real estate portfolio
  • How to flourish as a developer
  • How to build an a real estate team
  • How to start investing in real estate
  • How to use tax loop holes to save money
  • How to master the art of flipping
  • How to explore tax low alternatives
  • How to research and understand price trends
  • How to create the perfect contract
  • How to use social media to build your real estate business
  • How to be a superstar realtor
  • How to grow your wholesale business

Past Speakers

Women In Real Estate Summit

Stephanie Somers

Real Estate Investor & Agent

Brittany Mixson

Real Estate Investor

Courtney Richardson

Real Estate Tax Attorney

Raffaellina Merlino

Real Estate Developer & Agent

Traci Powell

Real Estate Investor & Agent

Attiyah Blair

Real Estate Investor & Agent

Kerry Faix

Chief Operating Officer Stonebay Holdings

Elizabeth A Parris

Residential Loan Officer

Marquita Eshun

Real Estate Investor

Zandia Oliver

Real Estate Consultant & Agent

Sonia Lewis

Financial Development Specialist

Rachael Pritzker

Real Estate & Zoining Attorney

Yvette Mitchell

Accountant & Investor

Kristin Daley

Investor & Associate Broker

Sabrina Brooks

Insurance Claims Adjuster

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