Lecture 1

Rhonesha Howerton, Real Estate Investor & Credit Repair Specialist
Girl, I Need a BAG! Not a bag!

Lecture 2

Attiyah Blair, Investor
How to Leave Your 9-5 & Create a
6-Figure Real Estate Business in
Your First Year

Lecture 3

Traci Powell, Real Estate Investor
How to Build Your Real Estate Team

Lecture 4

Selena Earley, Realtor
Real Estate Development Project Management 101

Lecture 5

Christina Barker, Real Estate Investor & Property Manager
How to Manage your own investment Properties and Plan for a Retirement in Real Estate

Lecture 6

Alexis Miles, Real Estate Fund Manager & Investor
Overcoming Poverty & Laying Out a Blueprint for Generational Wealth

Lecture 7

Shaquiyyah Jenkins, Broker & Real Estate Investor
Real Estate 101: Understanding the Type of Investor You Need to Be Before You Ever Spend a Dollar

Lecture 8

Sonia “The Student Loan Doctor” Lewis, Financial Development Professional
How to Buy a Home with Your Student Loans

Lecture 9

Marquita Eshun, Real Estate Investor & Business Consultant
How to Take Advantage of Tax Loopholes in Real Estate

Lecture 10

Jamisa McIvor, Real Estate Investor
How to Overcome Your Fears to Take the Plunge and Invest in Your First Property

Lecture 11

Asha Knuckles, Real Estate Investor, Credit Specialist, & Business Strategist
How to Navigate Being a New Investor in a New Market

Lecture 12

Samantha Lyons, Real Estate Attorney
How to Start a Real Estate Partnership without Violating Securities 

Lecture 13

Ayesha Selden, Real Estate Investor
Live Better Than Success podcast interview:

How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio Part-time

Lecture 14

Closing Remarks
Nicole Purvy
Real Estate Investor / Educator/
BTS Founder

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