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Traci Powell

Traci Powell has been a licensed real estate agent in Pennsylvania for 17 years. She is a Broker Candidate for 2019. Using her background in Engineering from Drexel university, Traci is well versed in the logistics of negotiation and break down of property sales. Traci’s coverage area includes Philadelphia, and all of Delaware and Montgomery Counties, as well as has rural clients in the outskirts of PA. With PA reciprocal licensure in GA, MD and NYC.

Traci is ranked as one of the top 4% of buyer agents who sell homes fast and as one of the top agents for townhomes. As well as was recently awarded the top 40 under 40 award in real estate by Philly real Estate week in Philadelphia. She has also been featured in HGTV’s house hunters for clients she worked with in Philadelphia suburbs. In previous years she also held a loan origination license for 1st and 2nd mortgages in PA/MD/NJ from 2003-2011. Being Well versed in residential mortgage loan and construction procedure has helped proved viable to her investor clients and homebuyer clients in making prime decisions. She regularly taught home-buyer education classes to non profits to first time buyers to discuss budgeting for home buying and resources available through the city to buy a home.